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Colour harmony of land cover as intangible environmental resource Vooremaa landscape protection area, Estonia. Tauginienė, L. Heading South, take exit or and after about 15 minutes of traveling through country and houses, you will reach the mall with shopping, restaurants, a movie theater and a Walmart. Environmental Evidence. Mere- ja rannikukultuur: kas seljaga või näoga mere poole? Tool-box for effective renewable energy planning.

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Idaho Falls has a delightful zoo at Tautphaus Park and the Museum of Idaho generally has great displays. East Idaho Aquarium is small, but nice. Idaho Falls has three golf courses.

Battle Zone and I-jump are popular entertainment centers.

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Kids Town at The Falls is also loads of fun for your children. Feel free to take a leisurely walk one block down north in Ucon and you will be in the residential part of town. You will find the people friendly and the town safe.

If you are traveling north in about 20 minutes you will reach Rexburg, where you will find many things to do. Besides various restaurants and fast food places, Rexburg has a small spray park which is free in Porter Park. There is a carousel and playground area as well. Rexburg Rapids is a popular place to cool off.

Legacy Flight Museum is an airplane hangar with historic model planes, the Museum of Rexburg is right next to the library.

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Rexburg also has family history center. Nii salvestatud andmed kui ka platvormil olevate küsimuste arv on üle aasta rohkem kui kahekordistunud. Lisaks sellele tuginevad ajakirjanikud, haridustöötajad ja mittetulundusühingud Everlaw iga päev oma töö tegemiseks.

Töötledes kuni dokumenti tunnis, on Everlaw tehnoloogia viis korda kiirem kui lähimast pilvekonkurendist, kusjuures selle suurim juhtum ulatub 68M dokumentideni. Kuid e-discovery on vaid jäämäe tipp: Usume, et Everlaw saab laiendada oma tootepakkumist klientidele, eesmärgipäraselt ehitatud tarkvaraga, mis toob uue tõhususe õigussektorisse.

Järvet, Arvo Toim. Eesti Geograafia Selts. Potential of bioethanol production-waste for methane recovery poster.

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New Horizons in Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram, India New Horizons in Biotechnology. Acute toxicity evaluation of polystyrene nanoplastics with ten different bioassays. SETAC, Relationships between scenic values and GIS-based estimations of geomorphological and land cover diversity within the National Park Peneda-Gerês Portugal. European Geosciences Union.

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Potential of bioethanol sidestreams for biomethane production. Schasmin, J. Land cover scores-based ecosystem services supply assessment for green infrastructure planning: case of Harku rural municipality. One Ecosystem 3 e The Ecology of British Upland landscapes.

Composition of landscapes, habitats, vegetation and species. PDF 1.

The Ecology of British Upland Landscapes. The influence of policy on the current character of the Uplands and the potential for change. High contributions of vehicular emissions to ammonia in three European cities derived from mobile measurements.

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Atmospheric Environment, A novel agroecosystem: Beef production in abandoned farmland as a multifunctional alternative to rewilding. Agricultural Systems, Remarks on four novel landfill mining case studies in Estonia and Sweden. Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management, 20 2 Kikas, T. New high nature value map of Estonian agricultural land: Application of an expert system to integrate biodiversity, landscape and land use management indicators.

Intersection of the global climate agenda with regional development: Unequal distribution of energy efficiency-based renovation subsidies for apartment buildings.

Green and brown infrastructures support a landscape-level implementation of ecological engineering. Niedziałkowski, Krzysztof; Shkaruba, Anton Governance and legitimacy of the Forest Stewardship Council certification in the national contexts — A comparative study of Belarus and Poland.

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Forest Policy and Economics, 97, Reading past landscapes: combining modern and historical records, maps, pollen-based vegetation reconstructions, and the socioeconomic background. Sousa-Silva, R. Adapting forest management to climate change in Europe: linking perceptions to adaptive responses. Learning for social-ecological change: A qualitative review of outcomes across empirical literature in natural resource management. Tomson, P. Role of 19th-century rotational slash-and-burn cultivation in the formation of boreal forest vegetation and implications for management.

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Drivers of species richness and community integrity of small forest patches in an agricultural landscape. A multitiered approach for grassland ecosystem services mapping and assessment: The Viva Grass tool. One Ecosystem, 3 e Wood, C. Land cover and vegetation data from an ecological survey of "key habitat" landscapes in England, — Ecological landscape elements: long-term monitoring in Great Britain, the Countryside Survey — and beyond.

Pille Tomson Role of historical slash and burn cultivation in the development of cultural landscapes and forest vegetation in south Estonia.

Kaasik, A. Chapter Microclimate and air quality in uninsulated loose-housing cowsheds in temperate climate conditions. CRC Press.

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Maasikmets, M. Chapter 6. Seasonal variability of the PM and ammonia concentration in uninsulated loose-housing cowshed. Buchecker, M. Chapter 4. Tool-box for effective renewable energy planning. In: Roth, M. Renewable energy and landscape quality.

Jovis Verlag GmbH: Berlin. Stober, D. Participatory planning of renewable energy with a focus on best practice. European Landscapes for Quality of Life? Paysages européens et qualité de la vie?

Public acceptance of renewable energy projects: A focus on wind energy. Vollmer, E. Chapter 1, National overviews: Estonia. Kriipsalu, M. Integrating principles of Circular Economy into the concept of modern sanitary landfills to reduce methane emissions.

Nature-based solutions: From Innovation to Common-use. Tallinn University, Ühistu loomise käsiraamat. Tartu :: Eesti Maaülikool. Printsmann, A. Mere- ja rannikukultuur: kas seljaga või näoga mere poole?

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Mägra ja karu korterid: kas kindel kants ja varjupaik? Pressiteade Teadlased ja rannarahvas kavandavad rannikuelu tulevikku. Maa Elu. Bahriny, F. The relationship between the distribution and use patterns of parks and their spatial accessibility at the city level: A case study from Tehran, Iran.

Urban Habitats Biodiversity Assessment UrHBA : a standardized procedure for recording biodiversity and its spatial distribution in urban environments.

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Grellier, J. BMJ Open, 7 6. Hegetschweiler, K. Linking demand and supply factors in identifying cultural ecosystem services of urban green infrastructures: a review of European studies.

Herzog, F; Lüscher, G. Bailey, D. European farm scale habitat descriptors for the evaluation of biodiversity. Juganson, K. Mechanisms of toxic action of silver nanoparticles in the protozoan Tetrahymena thermophila: from gene expression to phenotypic events.

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Leaching characteristics of the fine fraction from an excavated landfill: physico-chemical characterization. Kaczala, F.